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Welcome to the 40notes Olfactive Studio

Where Spirit Meets Scent

The 40notes Creative Studio is where all the magic happens!

The word studio holds special meaning and significance for me.

As you know from my story, I studied and began my career in Interior Architecture.  Always, “going to studio” meant boundless creativity, long hours, deeply engrossing projects, laughter, tears, camaraderie, conquering hurdles once thought impossible, hard-earned self-confidence, and the smell of white erasers/black ink/yellow trace paper.

(the days before auto-cad!)

It was as if I were a 20th century apprentice of sorts.


When I found this, my own perfumery studio in 2016, I discovered the most serendipitous fact:  this used to be an architects office! Long retired, he began his career here the year I was born.  Goosebumps!


This is my creative space, my alchemy lab, my sanctuary.

This is where the oils whisper with whom they want to dance.

This is where the Soul Essence Sessions happen.

This is where beauty and meaning are infused in everything I'm lucky enough to do.

This is where Spirit meets Scent!

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