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40notes Soul Essence Sessions

Perfumery   Intuition   Alchemy

Guided by intuition, knowledge and beauty, the Soul Essence Sessions are a one-on-one private consultation to create a personalized, 100% Natural Scent Blend in support of body/mind/soul.

Several years ago during an astrology reading, the astrologer said to me "let the oils be your Tarot"...

That one sentence stayed with me and kept me wondering "what would that look like?"


Now we know!

The 40notes Soul Essence Sessions at the Olfactive Studio

Knowing there had to be a way to marry the powerful beauty of natural botanical essences with their resonance to an individual, I set about creating a system to 'hone in' on the essence meant for a person at any given time in their life.  Using a set of unique accords I developed as 'Olfactive Gateways', in addition to precious botanicals in tune with you, together we create the blend that is meant for you, right now.

Whether you want to receive the subtle yet powerful support that natural essences offer or simply allow unmatched beauty info your life, the Soul Essence Sessions are a rare, one-of-a-kind personal experience.

Where Spirit Meets Scent

Using only 100% natural botanical ingredients in carriers of either fractionated coconut oil or organic cane alcohol.

Includes 3 personal blends each in a 5ml bottle.

Presented in 40notes signature embossed suede pouch.

Sessions approximately 2 hours

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