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40notes Consulting Services

The "Nose-Behind-Your-Brand"

Before stepping out from behind the Industry and creating my own line, I spent many years behind-the-scenes developing fragrances for other companies: fine fragrances, personal care, haircare, home and environmental scents in both traditional and 100% natural perfumery genres.

I worked first on the client side of the beauty/fragrance industry, and then spent many years within fragrance houses at the heart and source of perfumery development in New York City.

These  experiences and perspectives give me the ability to know first-hand how development is managed within the houses and the ability to guide the process as nose & olfactive consultant. I understand my clients' needs, concerns and requirements, having been on their side of the project myself.

I currently specialize in the development of 100% Natural Fragrances and Perfumery for companies and brands aligned with a holistic, 'green', or natural philosophy; or brands who are interested in transitioning their product offerings.


I look forward to collaborating with you on the development of your upcoming fragrance projects:

fine fragrance, spa, facial care, bath & body care, haircare, home fragrance & environmental.

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