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"A Journey through the Genealogy of Scent"

can be privately arranged for groups of 6 or more.

Please contact the studio for details.


SPRING 2018!

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An immersion into the Art of Perfumery and The Language of Olfaction.

In this guided smelling-session of exquisite raw materials, students are introduced to the major Olfactive families, notes & accords, the effect scent plays on memory, emotion and physiology, and how the language of perfumery is shared across all the senses.

All levels of “olfactive expertise” are welcome!
From indie perfumers to fragrance enthusiasts, vintners and brew masters, chefs and designers, beauty bloggers to marketing directors... everyone will gain confidence speaking the language of olfaction and will form a deeper connection to their own sense of smell.

Whether the goal is perfumery, aromatherapy, taste/smell connection, heightened awareness of the nuances of smell, spiritual wellness or simply curiosity, this class is a beautiful gateway into the world of Olfaction.

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