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40notes Limited Edition Perfume Collections

The 40notes Collections are where I delight in the Art of Perfumery

In 2010, the original Signature Collection launched: seven fragrances each showcasing an exquisite perfumery ingredients woven into a luxury scent.

The Collection went on to win Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles 2012 TasteTV Artisan Fragrance Salon Showcases and the CaFleurebon Blog best-of-scent 2011.

Since then, I have been exploring precious natural materials; their sourcing, extraction methods, origin, and magical effect on body and spirit. They have transformed my palette with their olfactive beauty.


There are several new collections in development as I continue my passion for

"bringing the essence of beauty to life".

I look forward to sharing the Collections with you!

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