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40notes NaturalBotanicals Collection

Did you know...

It takes  3,500 kilos of Flowers to yield 1 kilo of Rose Essential Oil...

The price per kilo of exquisite noble floral essential oils rivals that of precious metals !

40notes NaturalBotanials Collections are created with 100% Botanical Ingredients:

Steam Distilled or Cold Pressed Essential Oils




Natural Isolates



CO2 Extractions


Infusions & Tinctures

Blended without the use of synthetic molecules, phthalates, parabens or petrochemicals.

Hand blended in the 40notes Olfactive Studio

Natural Botanical Perfumes are a rare jewel.

Their delicate nature invokes a personal relationship, staying close to the skin and lasting less time than traditional perfume blends.

Botanical Perfumery captures the natural rhythm of each molecules' evaporation rate without the unfair advantage of a synthetic fixative.  An exquisite floral blend may only last 2 hours on skin.  Like early dawn blossoms of Jasmine or Rose, their essence is fleeting yet intoxicating.

Botanical Perfumery allows us to experience subtle nuances and facets, bringing us face-to-face with the life force within each leaf, bark, spice, wood, resin or flower.

Like aromatherapy, natural perfumery affects the mind, body and spirit.  Beyond aromatherapy, natural perfumery is an art form of great delicacy and restraint.

Botanical Essences...Mother Nature's Formula

limited edition custom collections currently in studio

please call for availability!

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