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40notes Signature Collection

The Original Seven Award Winning Scents

Inspired by the beauty of an ingredient or the elusive feeling evoked, captured for a moment in time.


Essences flirting with each other, and me, until the blend felt complete.


All created to the music of Brian Eno, whom I perchance met in person.  An ethereal story for another place and time...


Blended in 100% pure fractionated Coconut Oil.

The scents stay close to the skin.

A truly intimate Luxury.

a word about the bottle…

Inspired by the classic, elegant lines of early 20th century perfume bottles, the 40notes perfume bottle imported from France is like a precious gem: sensuous to hold in your hand; beautiful to look at on your boudoir. It is presented with a hand-tied 14K gold stamped hangtag in an embossed midnight violet suede pouch.

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