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40notes Perfumers' Palette

Notes and Accords are the building blocks of Perfumery.

One of the most startling developments I've witnessed in the fragrance world, both Indie and Industry, is the urgency to create Natural Perfumery.

Whether as scent alone or in formulations, consumers are asking for fragrance to comply with the 'greening' of our overall footprint.

Concurrently, consumers and professionals alike lack the vocabulary and understanding of Natural Perfumery.

Definitions of essential oils, absolutes, fractions, isolates, hydrosols, CO2's; extraction methods, labeling requirements elude.

Questions arise:

Are Absolutes natural?

Why does that Isolate sound so scary if it's natural?

How do you label a Natural Perfume?

The 40notes Perfumers' Palette is a collection of 100% Natural Accords from each of the major Olfactive families for advanced or novice perfumers, beauty companies or product formulators to use in the development of their formulae.

Each Accord is:

100% Natural as defined by ISO9235*

IFRA Compliant by usage level*

INCI Name: Fragrance

Ingredients: Transparent, listed by name

Paperwork: CofA, MSDS, Natural Spec Sheet

Cost:  current market of botanicals

Available in quantities from 1/4oz. to 1 kg.

A groundbreaking option for small business, Indie perfumers and green formulators.

An idea whose time has come.

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